Where can I buy CBD Bud in Ireland?

Where can I buy CBD Bud in Ireland?

Google this question and you’ll find 3–4 links claiming to sell CBD Bud here in Ireland. That’s good – isn’t it? Maybe, but dig a little deeper and what you’ll find is a lot of CBD products and very little in the way of good quality CBD Bud. Yes, there is some but if like us you’re a connoisseur you’ll recognise premium bud a mile off. And what’s out there, little as it is, does not look quite up to scratch.

Some Clarification

Hemp grown in Ireland is good hemp and it’s great as a food supplement and for topicals (that’s anything applied to the skin, in case you didn’t know ­– creams and balms!) It’s filled with omega oils and fatty acids, all rich nutritional stuff that’s good for you. It comes in such forms as milk and hemp seed powders etc. What a super-plant among plants it is and none of it is wasted! The rest, stalks and stems included goes into industrial manufacturing.


CBD cannabidiol – the all-important bit that gives us the relaxing calming effect we want from a bud, without the intoxicating high of THC – will have low to zero% CBD in Irish grown hemp! We just don’t have the climate for the extra length of growing time it takes to produce the varieties rich in cannabidiol CBD.

The Growing Facts

The optimal temperature for hemp growing during the flowering phase is 16o C (61F) at night and 28o C (80F) during the photoperiod (the exposure time to light during a 24 hour cycle). Under current hemp farming guidelines from the Agriculture and Food Development Authority of Ireland (Teagasc), sowing is late April to early May and harvest is late August to early September. So our chance of hitting those optimal guidelines of 16o C at night and 28o C during the day consecutively, throughout a flowering season, is slim.

Do you get it? We do, that’s why CBDBoyz Bud is not grown here! It’s sad but unfortunately it’s true. It’s why we stand alone in the market and why our CBD flowers are the best buds available in Ireland! Our mission is to set the quality standard for CBD bud to an exclusive market – Dublin. We Boyz rather be a master of one trade than a jackeen of all!

Did you Know

“Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940. It is one of 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants …” Wikipedia