How to stop 510 cartridges from leaking

How to stop 510 cartridges from leaking

HHC cartridges are one of the newest methods of consuming hemp. Each cartridge and pen offer a discreet and convenient way of using raw cannabis. Each cartridge is very easy to use and doesn’t require much experience. Unfortunately, if they leak, they can be hard to use! Here are three tips to help prevent leaks from HHC cartridges.

Store your cartridge correctly

Temperature is critical when it comes to storing your cartridge correctly. Keeping your cartridge in a warm or hot area can cause the resin to liquefy; once it melts, it will leak.

A leaking 510 cartridge is a prevalent problem that has happened to the best of us! If your cartridge starts to leak, stop using it immediately. Unscrew the cartridge from its battery and clean it; we recommend using alcoholic wipes. If you don’t have alcoholic wipes, you can use hand sanitiser since that has alcohol in it. Don’t forget to clean the battery!

Don’t overtight the cartridge to the battery

This is one of the most common reasons why HHC cartridges leak. If it is a CCELL cartridge you are using, the bottom of the chamber is made from soft metal. If you screw the cartridge tight on the battery, the cartridge can warp and leak. So take your time and be gentle when attaching your HHC cartridge to its battery.

Keep it upright, and don’t shake the cartridge

When you store your cartridge upright, the resin inside will not move around. If the temperature isn’t too hot, it will stay solid! Sometimes when it is on your person, your body heat can make the resin liquify. I store my Vape pen and cartridge in the inside pocket of my jacket or a bag, standing upright!

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