Ireland’s #1 CBD Bud & CBD Flower

Ireland’s #1 CBD Bud & CBD Flower

CBD Boyz is the best website for CBD Bud / Flower in Ireland

What is the best website to purchase CBD flower and why?

For us the best CBD website needs to have a few key things.

The product, how good is it?

Comparing CBD products, you have found on the internet is difficult. Since you don’t have the products physically, your going to have to use one of your senses here, your gut. If only all the governments stopped wasting their time and money on the war on drugs, and spent the last 50 years perfecting Smell-O-Vision, shopping online would be that much easier! The product images and text on a company’s website should help you decide on what CBD company to use. For me the overall feel that you get from a website, along with colour and layout is a big deciding factor for me. If the website is generic, dull, slow and hard to use.

What does that say about the rest of the service?

The CBDBOYZ website is the complete opposite, it has a great relaxing positive vibe. When you’re on our website you should feel uplifted, we want all our customers to feel like there on a beach somewhere, clear blue water and relaxing under a palm tree. Because that’s the life isn’t it?

The service doesn’t stop at the products.

The service you have paid for continues right down to the envelope your product is delivered in. lots of CBD companies cut corners once you make a purchase just to save a few euro. The CBDBOYZ don’t! That vibe and feel you receive the moment you click onto our site, you will end up finding it in your home and life. If your a really good customer of ours, you might find that palm tree ending up on your door step one day.

CBD Price, CBD Payment and CBD Checkout.

The price shouldn’t be the first catalyst but it is one of the main deciding factors I agree. Let me tell you how price works in the CBD industry. You have low-quality CBD flower which consists of about 80% of the entire market. This CBD flower is dry, zero flavor and should be used as compost in a flower bed. Company’s in Ireland and Europe are selling this CBD product between €7 – €12, You think you have a great deal but your actually better cutting some hay from a field and using that.

You have gone with your gut and considered a few pointers said above. it’s time to get that product in your basket, pay and relax.

Payment and Checkout

It’s always a good idea to check that the company you end up using have 3D secure. 3D secure works with your bank upon checkout and will ask you to verify the transaction via a code that your bank setup with you. This helps prevent your card and details being used maliciously or sold to third parties. CBDBOYZ is the best CBD Bud / Flower on the market today, The CBDBOYZ are best CBD company on the market today because we have everything covered. Correct pricing for quality. Customer service are always here to help. And logistically we have such a reliable delivery service. With the CBDBOYZ you can picture yourself relaxing under one of our palm trees after placing your order with us! Or you can go with another company and try plant your own palm tree.