HHC Vape & Cartridge Kit


If you are new to vaping or need a new kit, we have you covered. This Vape kit has a 510 rechargeable battery and a 1ml HHC vape cartridge. The battery is compact and has three heat settings. The benefit of this is that you can decide the vapour’s intensity with three heat settings.

What is included in this kit?

This kit includes a 510 threaded rechargeable battery, a mini USB charger, a 1ml HHC cartridge of your choice, and a compact carry case.

CCELL HHC Cartridges

Elevated effects and full flavour in every hit! CBDBOYZ HHC CCELL CART combines a full gram of premium HHC distillate and terpenes inspired by your favourite CBDBOYZ flavours. All our disposable cartridges are made naturally in California, blended only with the highest quality full-spectrum Cannabinoids and natural cannabis terpenes.

No fillers, No MCT, No PEG, No PG, No Vitamin E, and No Nicotine.

HHC & THC Levels

  • 95.2% HHC
  • 4.8% Cana Terps
  • 0% THC
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Additional Information

Chemdawg, lemon Skunk, Sour Apples, Hippy Crasher, Lemon haze, Blue widow, Daves Cake, Ape’s Grape, Dublin lava, Forbidden Fruit, GSC

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