Why the CBDBOYZ?

Why the CBDBOYZ?

The CBDBOYZ are a group of Farmers that live and breath Hemp, Our roots originate in Ireland and we have had the pleasure of working with some great CBD Flower companies in Ireland. Its great to see the passion the Irish have for Hemp. We believe if you don’t have that Irish passion it will show in products!

When you grow a Hemp plant / CBD seeds each plant has its own characteristics, how much light they require, what nutrients is needed so it grows large and healthy, and how long the flower needs to mature and develop on the plant and also after harvest in the curing stage. Without passion and attention to detail many steps could be missed which you would see once it arrives to your door.

Why would Growers cut corners ?


The main reason is profit and the time it takes to germinate a seed to its final night cycle and they get chopped. Time is money, and also weight is money for growers. If you pump a plant full of hard nutrients and push the hemp plant to its limit the end result could be a 30% yield increase which is a good chunk of change.


Once harvested its time to cure CBD flowers. Curing is the process of allowing the final bits of moisture evaporate and allow the natural enzymes the plant develops to break down and remaining nutrients that’s left in the CBD flowers. A proper cure can depend on how that particular grow went. The correct method for curing is quite simple use a glass jar or bucket that air tight. Allow the gasses out a few times a day ( burping ) and the longer the flowers are left to cure the better they taste. This along with over feeding is where lots of growers cut corners. Dry it as fast as possible, cure it in open air buckets bag it up and sell. This leaves the CBD flowers full of unwanted nutrients, the aroma is like wet cut grass and this flower should be thrown in the bin.

Why the CBDBOYZ ?

Passion for excellency, from seed to your door nothing is taken for granted, we do it the right way every time because we care!